1963 impala 409

$100K 1963 Impala convertible 409 restored by ThornwoodAutoBody.com being delivered.

Corvette Pace car being transported.

Flatbed service towing westchester towing

Maserati being transported to Stamford Connecticut.

indoor towing westchester towing

Front wheel drive Volvo stuck in an underground parking garage in Stamford Connecticut.

Mclaren being transported to customers home.

Porsche in Rockland stuck in park being transported to the dealer in New Jersey, this is the best way to transport a vehicle stuck in park as all wheels are off the ground. Wheel lift & dollies.

Corvette Stingray this car was supposed to be flat bedded, but the key fob decided to not let us

enter the car & the car applied its parking brake, so wheel lift & dollies has to be used.

All wheel drive SUV stuck in a parking garage at Phelps Hospital. Wheel lift & dollies.